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Bare it all

0118254434eec0f9d27991f9c65185e5 f110EVERYONE SHOULD ADD a certain element of "risqué" into their everyday lives. There’s nothing more invigorating than showering under the morning sun and the owners of this fascinating home will be able to enjoy that experience every day. One of the more unique design points to this property is the massive ensuite featuring a large glass wall.

Before the renovation this home could easily be lived in but the design aesthetics were dated. There was no real "spunk" and nothing that particularly inspired a smile when the owners first started their day. Now the design features high-end materials, an inviting colour scheme and a functional design. Seeking a look both contemporary and bold, the owners approached Russell Brooks who brought Perth Designer Felicia Olsen of Lifestyle Design on board and asked her to weave some magic.

Be Bold

735a15fcb28b73ba8ac4c565d8b1efe6 f113At a time when the world is not bursting at the seams with good news, interior designer Felicia Olsen says people are responding by turning to their homes for that sense of security and shelter, creating haven in which to relax. Alongside the plethora of lifestyle and home renovation shows, people are spending time and money creating unique expressions of their character with their properties. Ms Olsen's motto is "creating your vision" rather than an extension of her preferences.

She has an advanced diploma in interior design but began her career in the fashion industry in Singapore, before moving to Perth with her Norwegian husband.

Edgy Classic

79e4e1590d7f67f1ecc718fa10a94373 f109Space for the family – immediate and extended – to cook was a top design consideration in this kitchen. While home to a young family, it needed to accommodate an extended clan who gather to cook regularly – think pasta from scratch.

A renovation, the kitchen was moved from older (art deco) part of the house into an existing addition. The addiction included a study and storeroom that accessed the rear garden, so walls were knocked down, windows resized for more air and light and the open-plan kitchen and family room moved in. A bulkhead was installed to visually separate the kitchen from the rest of the space, and the owners asked for “something modern, but not something run-of-the-mill”. Interior designer Felicia Olsen came up with the idea of adding a laser cut, brushed aluminium panel backed with black gloss paint to the front of the island bench, then hung eye-catching modern pendants over it in striking black. While very modern, the elements have a classic beauty, which somehow fits in with the home’s deco feel. LEDs under the bench illuminate the feature at night.

Bold hub stand out from the crowd.

5cb40adee0bb490a4dc2f3a8a2aaa79a f112When Sarah and Tom Pietrzak bought their deco-inspired home five years ago, they knew it was full of possibilities.

"It was an old-fashioned family home and it was quite dark but we could see the potential as it had these beautiful cornices and it had some really nice features as well," Mrs Pietrzak said Four years on, with her three children a little older, she said the idea of making some changes was appealing.

Although the couple initially planned to replace just the kitchen cabinetry, they ended up renovating so extensively that the kitchen was moved to an entirely new location in the home.

2011 Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

b0b548f28a924b4542636bc3bd704d20 f108Category: Most Innovative Use of Laminate; Renovated Kitchen Project $40,001-$50,000
Company: Felicia for Lifestyle-Design
Location: Wembley Downs

With a brief calling for a design that would stand out from ones in magazines, designer Felicia Olsen had her work cut out when renovating this Wembley Downs kitchen. The tired kitchen lacked storage space and needed to be brought into the 21st century and to accommodate the lifestyle needs of the owners. “The client and her extended family love cooking so a huge bench space together with a good passageway between benchtops was essential for their family ‘cook-out’ gatherings,” Ms Olsen said. “The kitchen now takes pride of place as heart of the home.”

Features include two striking pendant lights, which Ms Olsen sourced from Melbourne, and a black-and-white, laser-cut brushed-finished aluminium panel under the breakfast bar.

True Calling

79e4e1590d7f67f1ecc718fa10a94373 f109Was: Fashion buyer in Asia and Europe
Now: Interior Designer, Felicia Olsen for Lifestyle Design, Perth.

A Sharp eye for style and an innate understand of proportion have served Felicia Olsen well. Initially, these skills led her to a career as a fashion buyer in Singapore, where she was born and raised. Today, she draws on the same talents daily in her Perth interior design business.

"With fashion buying and interior design, you need to have an underlying love of beautiful things," says Felicia. "In fact, there are so many parallels. I think years of fashion buying have set me up with a great eye for trends."

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